Write Content using Generate AI Content Option

Write Content using Generate AI Content Option

Posted on : 29 Sep, 2021    |    Last Update - 2 years ago   

1- Once you log in to Typli.ai, click on the New button.



2- In this option, you can command AI technology to write content on any topic possible. First, choose the number of words required for your content. 


3- You can write a sentence like “ Write me a paragraph/ title/ sentence… about (your topic)”

Important: You need to highlight the input text before you generate the content.


4- Your content is now generated


5-You can also click on the Plus button to activate the Writing options in case you need more content. You will be able to select options that best suit your content needs. 


6- Select your writing option. 

7- Add your sentence to the Text box

  • Typli.ai has 63 writing options available.

8- Select how many words you would like to generate for the second content. 

Important: Once you customize your content option, make sure to highlight your sentence in the text box in order to generate > Click Generate 

7- Your content is added. You can now modify the outcome.


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