Customize your Content

Customize your Content

Posted on : 29 Sep, 2021    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

In addition to editing tools, you can also customize your content to fit your own criteria.

1- Click on New to start a new sheet

2-You will notice once you click on the text editor, a Plus button will appear

3- Click on the Plus button > customization tools will be displayed

4- You can either:

  • Add an image to your content. You can type a caption for the images you add if you want. It's an optional feature to add your main keywords as well. 

You can also choose the image placement depending on your preference. 

  • Add ellipsis points to construct your content

  • Embed a link: You can paste a link to embed content from another website

  • Add a video link: Either YouTube, Vimeo, or any other link

  • Add an image. Type any keywords you want and press Enter. You can close the tab using the Close button


  • Use's writing options. 

We have more than 100 writing options available in




5- For writing options, you can select one option > add your personal theme or content you would like the AI content to generate > Highlight the content and click on Generate AI content button.

You can then build up your content by having multiple writing options.


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