How to Make Sure Your Content Is 100% Unique? Copyscape

How to Make Sure Your Content Is 100% Unique? Copyscape

Posted on : 24 Nov, 2021    |    Last Update - 1 year ago generates unique content. However, in case you would like to make sure the content you will use is not available elsewhere, you can check it using the Copyscape feature. 

Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection service that checks whether similar text content appears on other websites.

1- Generate your content first

2- Make sure to always select the text in order to activate the Copyscape feature

3-Click on the CopyScape button

4- This notice is to remind you to add the Copyscape API key in order to activate the feature

5- To do so, Click on your profile


6- Select the External Libraries button

7- You will be able to add your username and API key 

8- In case you don't have the API key, it's an easy process to create one. Head over to and create your account. 

9- Click on the Premium option and select Premium API

10- Scroll down to copy the API key

11- Go back to your account and add your information to the External Libraries page > Click Save button

12- Open your project again > Select your text > Click on the Copyscape button

13- There you go, you will be given a link to check if your content was already published on the internet or not. 

If no results are found it means that the content is 100% unique. 

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