How to Use Keyword Analytics Tab Inside

How to Use Keyword Analytics Tab Inside

Posted on : 25 Nov, 2021    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

1-  Create your content and click on the SEO button

2-With the SEO Score tab, you will be able to optimize your content based on the main keyword and different tasks provided. For more information on this section click HERE.

3- Click on Keyword Analytics to get more details about keywords you would like to choose for your content and estimated traffic. 

4- Type your keyword in the search bar and press the search button

5- All information regarding your keyword will be provided.

  • Monthly Volume
  • CPC:  Google Ads "Cost Per Click"
  • Competition: Google Ads competition and it's provided as High, Medium, or Low
  • Keyword history: shows the volume of your keyword in the past months. 

In general, the higher the google ad competition, the more competitive the market is for SEO. 



For more information, you can check this training video


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