How to Install And Setup Typli.AI WordPress Plugin?

How to Install And Setup Typli.AI WordPress Plugin?

Posted on : 25 Nov, 2021    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

Install WordPress Plugin

1- To install WordPress Plugin, make sure to log in to

2- Click on the Integration button > Press WordPress Plugin  

3-The plugin will be downloaded immediately. Now that you have the plugin, you need to set it up in your WordPress blog. 


Setup WordPress Plugin

1- Setting the WordPress plugin is easy and can be done in a few minutes. Make sure to log in to your WordPress account. 

2- Scroll down to the Plugin button, and click on Add New

3- Click on Upload Plugin 

4-Add your plugin

5- Once the plugin is downloaded to your WordPress blog, click on Install Now

6- Make sure to activate the plugin by clicking on Activate Plugin

7- Once your plugin is activated, scroll down and click on > Settings

8- You will be asked to add a API key which you will be able to find in your account. 

9- Go back to your account, and click on your name

10- You can copy your API key and paste it into your WP blog

11- Add your API key and maximum words you would like the plugin to generate every time. Click on Activate Now

12- Head over to Posts > Add New  to start generating your new content

13- Type your sentence in the text editor > select the input > click on the arrow button to activate more features. Click on Generate AI Content button

14- There you go. You can now create your instant content straight in your WordPress blog. 


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