How to Create Trial Account

How to Create Trial Account

Posted on : 29 Sep, 2021    |    Last Update - 2 years ago   

If you would like to create your  trial account:

1- Click on  Start Free Trial


2- Add your Name, Email, and Password.

3- Click on Continue. Once inside, you will be asked to add your payment details as a security measure to avoid spammers. You won't be billed before the 7 days trial period. Click on Activate now

Note: In case you would like to cancel your trial account, you can simply contact us at [email protected] 

4- Select your location

5- Choose your payment method: either credit card or PayPal

6- For credit card, add your details and click on the Start Free Trial button

For PayPal, you will be directed to the PayPal page. Log in and complete the process. 

Note: You can always click on the language tab in case you would like to do the process in another language. 


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